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We are pleased to announced that Pepzin GI now HALAL CERTIFIED!

Pepzin GI now certified to adhere to Islamic law, as defined in the Qur’an.

1. Pepzin GI is made, produced, manufactured, processed, and stored using machinery, equipment, and/or utensils that have been cleaned according to Islamic law (shariah).

2. Pepzin GI is free from any component that Muslims are prohibited from eating according to Islamic law.

Halal Certificate


Zinc and COVID-19

“Zinc and respiratory tract infections: Perspective for COVID-19 (Review)” is an international collaborative review from Germany, Greece, Norway, Russia and USA academies, centers, colleges, hospitals, institutes and universities (Int. J. Mol. Med., 46: 17-26, 2020). In this in-depth review, the authors suggested that modulation of zinc status may be beneficial in COVID-19. The SARS-CoV-2 virus is the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to lung diseases, namely pneumonia, ARDS (very severe pneumonia) and ventilator-induced injuries.

  1. Zinc works on the mucus lung cells by activating the removal of the virus and also inducing barrier activation, and therefore, the virus is prevented from penetrating deeper inside the body.
  2. Zinc may prevent viral replication before the viral uncoding and before the viral transcription stages.
  3. Zinc may boost antiviral activities by upregulating IFNα.
  4. COVID-19 induces inflammation that aggravates the disease state. Zinc limits excessive inflammatory responses thereby preventing the devastative cytokine storm.
  5. Bacterial co-infection from viral pneumonia is a commonly high risk. Zinc induces inhibition of Streptococcus pneumonia growth via modulation of bacterial Mn(II) homeostasis.
  6. High COVID-19 mortality and zinc deficiency share the same risk factors: ageing, immune deficiency and metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, etc.). The authors concluded that zinc supplementation may have beneficial effects in modulating at least some of the risk factors for high COVID-19 mortality.

Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. is the inventor and manufacturer of a zinc supplement, PepZinGI.

Disclaimer: The text and illustration were composed under fair use law as a summary of a scientific review titled, “Zinc and respiratory tract infections: Perspective for COVID-19 (Review)” published in Int. J. Mol. Med., 46: 17-26, 2020.


Digestive Ingredient Solutions

A brief overview of ingredients formulated for GI support ~ By Lisa Schofield

A variety of digestive complaints and instances of more complicated gastrointestinal (GI) issues are on the rise, including digestive intolerances to gluten and lactose. When the digestive ability is impaired, the result is often felt as pain, discomfort, or as abnormal emissions (gaseous and in fecal matter).

Nutraceutical ingredient suppliers continue to study how compounds of natural origin may positively impact digestive issues and promote digestive health and wellness. What follows is a representative sampling of what is available for formulas and functional foods/beverages that help consumers support healthy digestive function. Please refer to our December issue’s “International Buyer’s Guide,” for many more.

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PepZinGI™ Wins Ingredient Award at Nutracon Conference

Xsto – PepZinGI Press Release (April-13-2011)

XSTO SOLUTIONS, LLC (XSTO), announces that PepZinGI™, one of its branded ingredients, won one of two the coveted Ingredient Idol awards at this year’s Nutracon Conference. PepZinGI™ is a proprietary ingredient made by Hamari Chemicals of Japan and offers clinically validated support for digestive issues. Xsto distributes the ingredient on behalf of Hamari in North America.

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Hamari Nutraceuticals Certified Kosher

By Lorraine Heller and Shane Starling, 26-Aug-2010

Related topics: Minerals, Proteins, peptides, amino acids, Gut health, Immune system Japanese firm Hamari Chemicals has obtained Kosher certification for its functional ingredients, including its flagship gut health, PepZinGI Zinc-Carnosine product.

The firm’s US partner Xsto Solutions said that Hamari’s entire nutritional ingredient line has been certified by the Kosher Certification Service (KCS).

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