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Hamari will present at Dietitians Australia 2021 Conference

Hamari Chemicals, Ltd. was invited to present at
the Dietitians Australia 2021 Conference
in July 11-13, 2021.

Functional dyspepsia and Gastro-esophageal reflux disease are two highly prevalent upper GIT disorders, which significantly impair quality of life. Chelated compounds of zinc have demonstrated efficacy for addressing the symptoms and underlying drivers of upper digestive complaints and represent a compelling support to conventional drug therapy. Attendees will understand the evidence for, indications and contraindications for these key clinically trialed nutritional compounds.

Hamari will have a 20 minutes presentation focusing on PepZin GI’s safety and efficacy.


Digestive Ingredient Solutions

A brief overview of ingredients formulated for GI support ~ By Lisa Schofield

A variety of digestive complaints and instances of more complicated gastrointestinal (GI) issues are on the rise, including digestive intolerances to gluten and lactose. When the digestive ability is impaired, the result is often felt as pain, discomfort, or as abnormal emissions (gaseous and in fecal matter).

Nutraceutical ingredient suppliers continue to study how compounds of natural origin may positively impact digestive issues and promote digestive health and wellness. What follows is a representative sampling of what is available for formulas and functional foods/beverages that help consumers support healthy digestive function. Please refer to our December issue’s “International Buyer’s Guide,” for many more.

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PepZin GI™ Wins Ingredient Award at Nutracon Conference

Xsto – PepZin GI Press Release (April-13-2011)

XSTO SOLUTIONS, LLC (XSTO), announces that PepZin GI™, one of its branded ingredients, won one of two the coveted Ingredient Idol awards at this year’s Nutracon Conference. PepZin GI™ is a proprietary ingredient made by Hamari Chemicals of Japan and offers clinically validated support for digestive issues. Xsto distributes the ingredient on behalf of Hamari in North America.

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Hamari Nutraceuticals Certified Kosher

By Lorraine Heller and Shane Starling, 26-Aug-2010

Related topics: Minerals, Proteins, peptides, amino acids, Gut health, Immune system Japanese firm Hamari Chemicals has obtained Kosher certification for its functional ingredients, including its flagship gut health, PepZin GI Zinc-Carnosine product.

The firm’s US partner Xsto Solutions said that Hamari’s entire nutritional ingredient line has been certified by the Kosher Certification Service (KCS).

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